JPG Photography

JPG Photography was looking for a redesign of their logo: They had some pretty specific requests: 1) Colors - Looking for more color, more fun, more splash than the current brand identity. - Deep, dark, bold colors are ideal. - Browns, purples, reds, golds are desired. - No color should be left completely off the table because Joe wants the designer be to encouraged to be creative. 2) Logo - No additional brands are available as desired samples. - Looking for urban, modern, fun. - One concept along the urban theme is a bridge over water at night leading to a cityscape. - No camera or anything film related necessarily. 3) Font - Garamond is not necessary. - Non traditional fonts are desired. - Sans Serif is fine. - Joe encouraged the designers to creative as they want. 4) Company Type & Demographic - JPG is a team of individuals. - There are hippies and wall flowers; extroverts and introverts. - There is one identity that defines them. - They are very teamwork oriented and celebrate each other's differences. - They are a modern, Philadelphia team with an urban chic/cool feel. 5) Client Type & Demographic - The clients are nontraditional but no exclusively off-beat. - Joe feels like the industry identities are either really traditional (romantic, feminine) or classically modern (photojs, urban photogs). JPG wants to be set apart from that. JPG clients as described by the client: JPG Clients are more independent and quirky, who know how to laugh at themselves and life. They know how to take a joke, and don't mind cows or naked bikers in their pictures (should that happen.) Our clients want to be pushed in to something rare, if not unique, as they recognize photography as an art, and want us to put together something special for them. Our clients are not generic or anonymous, meaning, they don't see one picture we've done and say "I want that." Instead, they take what we produce, and put their trust in us to find something that matches their relationship and personality. This isn't every photographer, as they expect more laughter, fun, dancing with them and want to put a drink in our hands before the end of the night.

JPG Photography
Logo Design
Here were some of my initial sketches:

Based on client selections we needed to add some additional options for them to see:
Final Logo:
Final logo being used on their website
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