Shipley's Choice Elementary Yearbook Designs

Cover design for Shipley's Choice Elementary School Yearbook

Cover Design for SCES Yearbook 2011-2012 "In Search of Treasures" (pirate theme)
Cover Design for SCES Yearbook 2012-2013 "Another Marvelous Year" (Marvel Comics theme)
Inside cover design, for kids to sign their autographs!
created the backgrounds, graphics, and action word and designed the layout for the portrait pages
one of the inside spreads. I created backgrounds and graphics for the yearbook committee to utilize throughout the book.
I designed the sales flyer for the yearbook
Cover Design for SCES Yearbook 2013-2014 "What a Monstrous School Year" (monster theme)
Cover design
created this flyer to promote the sales of the yearbook. 
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